Liturgies that Move! [9789881635068]



「Liturgies that Move」匯集了基督教禮儀中常被忽視的動作元素。本書鼓勵信徒以身體行動如行走明陣、喜樂舞蹈思想及經歷基督。(本書為英文書籍) 作者簡介:Gabriele Hoerschelmann & John G. LeMond Gabriele Hoerschelmann and John G. LeMond were professors at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong in the areas of theology, worship and homiletics. They actively participated in and helped to shape the worship life of a center of learning that brings together people from a rich variety of churches and cultures throughout Asia. 書名: Liturgies that Move! 作者: Gabriele Hoerschelmann & John G. LeMond 出版社: 信義宗神學院 出版年份: 2015年 包裝: 平裝 開本: 14 x 20 厘米 頁數: 141頁 編號: TA16LTS3B05

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