The Good Cyclist [9781942056362]



Germany, 1914. Ludwig Schmidt is a young man whose face and life have been ravaged by a fire. As a result, he is shunned and ridiculed by German society. Yet Ludwig is an excellent cyclist, and when World War I begins he is quickly conscripted into the army. His mission: transporting messages and provisions for the German soldiers on the Eastern front with his bicycle. Ludwig faces great hardship and witnesses horror, yet this is overshadowed by the evil of an officer who torments him mercilessly. Ludwig reaches a point where his ability to resist being overcome with a desire for violent revenge against this man seems impossible. Only his faith in God gives him a chance… About the Author: Dirk Budwill Dirk Budwill has been a Christian for over thirty-five years. Currently he teaches at Christian Alliance International School in Hong Kong, China. Dirk attends The Vine church in Hong Kong, plus is involved with the Fuk Lam street ministry in Kowloon. Dirk has preached several times over the last ten years at the Potter’s Hands ministry in Red Deer, Canada and been involved in a prison outreach near Red Deer. Previous books written and published by Dirk include Win Win Tag Games, Wolfland, and The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp. Dirk was born in Germany but raised in Canada. He has also lived in the United States, Austria, Germany, and currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife Celia. 書名: The Good Cyclist 作者: Dirk Budwill 出版社: 5 Fold Media, LLC 出版年份: 2017年 包裝: 平裝 開本: 15.2 X 23 厘米 頁數: 117頁 編號: TA1701F03

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